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New Year, Better You

What the heck is this New year, New You business about?

I’m interested in a New Year, and a Better You.  We don’t get to re-invent ourselves every year–that isn’t sustainable.  We get to improve, learn from past mistakes, get wiser, and do better.  So, Captain Kat is promoting the #newyearbetteryou and I’m so excited to have this new batch of challengers along for the journey.

The Challenge has 3 basic components:

  1. Daily Emails:  These are for you, but they’re not mandatory.  The emails are mind snacks that are meant to start your day with some health-consciousness, a time to prioritize yourself and your health, and occasional downright silliness.  These are just an extra treat for you.  Sometimes they’re recipes, sometimes they’re pep talks, sometimes they’re just check-ins.  Use as you please.
  2. This is home to your weekly workout calendars.  My at home-worker-outers, I DO reccommend you have at least one set of weights at home (5-8 lbs min.), a mat if that’s helpful for you, and an optional resistance band.  Amazon is a fantastic resource, but if you want specific recs on equipment, please email me and I’m happy to chat with you.
  3. The Facebook Group: I can’t overemphasize how useful a tool this group can be to your health and happiness.  It is a judgement-free, 100% safe space.  Gratuitous gym selfies are encouraged.  Food pictures are encouraged.  Recipe sharing and Pinterest shares are encouraged.  Even if “facebook oversharing” isn’t your norm, know that this little group is 100% private and is only as vibrant and as strong as you’re willing to commit to it.  Also, it’s moderated 24/7 by a personal trainer (…moi!) who truly cares about your success in this journey.  Use it.

Ready to commit to a better you today?  Click above at “Tell Me More” –> “Register” to get this party started.

So thrilled to share this challenge with you all.  LET’S DO THIS.

Captain Kat