Are Rest Days That Important?

Rest days are every bit as important as workout days.


If your muscles are exhausted all the time, you will not perform your best and you will therefore not get your desired results.  Depending on your personal goals, I advocate for 1-2 days of rest.  My favorite (what we’re doing this month in the BBC) is one day of active recovery–so, you’re not just sitting around, but you’re still giving your muscles a break–and one day of full rest.  If you skipped a workout day, you can fill it in here or do a bit of work.  If you’ve been sticking to the schedule, give yourself the day.  Maybe treat yourself to a new recipe!  Cooking, I’ve found, can really be therapeutic and strangely artistically satisfying.

I hope you’re all having a fantastic third week.  Enjoy your day off and get psyched for arms tomorrow!

Captain Kat