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When is it okay to CHEAT?

A challenger messaged me such a beautiful question today. Where do CHEAT DAYS come into play here?

Storytime. You all know my day-gig is acting. Well, yesterday we had a rather rocky tech rehearsal that stretched super late at night. I came home to the hotel and some folks wanted to hang. I was *ravenous* and instead of my typical late night go to–a protein brownie (because it’s immediate, so tasty, and filling, and…protein!!)–I told myself I could curtail my snack eating(their snacks) whilst hanging with my cast. I 100% failed. I absolutely overate, and to make things worse, I ate things I absolutely *Never* eat–chips on chips on chips. I don’t even LIKE chips that much!!! This is an example of a TERRIBLE cheat. It wasn’t worth the calories or pain, it wasn’t mindful or planned, and it gave me a rough night of sleep and a giant bellyache.

Challenger Jillian (unaware of this) messaged me this morning and shared that she had some ice cream (at the Ben and Jerry’s factory, no less!) and another treat and was nervous about any damage this had done. Eating Ben and Jerrys AT the Ben and Jerry’s factory? YES YES YES perfect reason to have a cheat. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: my mantra is *SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.* I do not want you or expect you to give up ice cream for the rest of your life!! This is not a 6 week starve yourself and yo-yo back to your weight afterwards diet. This is not a juice “cleanse” ie sugar overload. This is not dehydrating you to make you feel skinnier. This is meant to create sustainable habits that you can realistically carry throughout your life but that will BETTER your health and 100% lead to physical results in the meantime.

Make sense?

You’re all rockstars. Everyone hanging in there? Fill me in. And don’t eat the chips.

Captain Kat