29•09•1986 (1)

What’s New In the February Challenge?!

FEBRUARY is fast approaching!

It’s the month of love, baby, and you know I’m all about prioritizing your health and happiness!!!  The mantra for February is: build the body you’ll want this summer NOW.  So often I feel completely blindsided by warm weather and I forget annually that you can’t build a bikini body in a week!  It takes 3 weeks for you to see your own results, 5 weeks for close friends, and 8 for strangers.  And if weight loss is your goal, we’re going to want to be losing 1-2 lbs a week.  If you’re looking to lose 10+ lbs by summer, we’d better get crackin’.

What’s new next month?
+ improved recipe guide for Californians
+ improved New Yorker plan complete with guide on following macros
+ workout quick-thru videos
+ website updates making it easier and more functional to use
+ continued endless affection for my challengers
+ steps challenge and giveaway!!!, for those of us who track via iPhone, fitbit, etc.Challenge a buddy to join you next month!  The bigger we are, the better this can be.  Full steam ahead.xoxo,
Captain Kat