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The Beauty of Taking Class: When Others Know Best

Yesterday was a doozy of a day. For a control freak hellbent on success, optimism, and achievement, I’m at a temporary (I hope) phase of life where there is more-than-normal outside of my control.  So I have buried myself in my work on Captain Kat–which has brought me genuine joy along with some equally genuine stress–and thoughts of the future.


And I’ve completely forgotten how to live in the now.


My boyfriend is kind of a genius.  Beyond the fact that he’s about to officially publish his first book (and has others on the way), he puts his phone on airplane mode when we’re together.  And it’s not just when we’re doing long distance.  And it’s not just when we’re on a date.  Unless we’re having a specific “work date” where we simultaneously work on our projects in the same space and allow phones, he doesn’t even look at his.  Which–for a 26 year old in 2016–is pretty amazing.  I’m certainly not as diligent as he is about this, but I’ve improved. And in turn: we’ve improved.

Right now I’m so concerned with what is next–and frankly a bit dissatisfied with where I am now–that I’m escaping into every mobile/web device/youtube vortex/work escape imaginable before I allow a minute to take inventory of my mental state, my physical state, and just be calm.


So, today I landed at the gym pretty tired and slightly uninspired to workout.  I worked out twice yesterday because frustration, because eating naughty things that gave me energy that I needed to burn, because cabin fever, and today: I am unsurprisingly tired.  So I put my stuff in the locker and wandered into the sauna for some glorious, sweat drippy magic, and walked into the gym and found myself in a BodyFlow class.


I’m kind of a class snob.  I’ve taken a lot of classes all over the nation–heck, all over the world–and you know what I’ve learned?  Much like the inexplicably entertaining astronomy class you had to take for a science credit with a particularly charismatic professor or the should-have-been-awesome theater class taught by a lazy professor–the teacher makes or breaks the class.  Corinna at Gold’s Gym Fredericksburg is a total boss.  First of all: she’s ripped.  Second of all: she’s a smart lady who teaches a killer class.


BodyFlow, as it turns out, is a combo of Yoga/Pilates/Tai Chi–just what the doctor ordered today.  The whole class is set to music, involves a super groovy tai-chi based warmup (that is a true warmup–in that it settles you in for the class, gives you a nice thorough stretch, and eases your muscles into activity) and then 7-8 tracks of music taking you through sun salutations, balance activity, strength activity, and stretching.  And then: stillness.  My favorite least favorite.  As one who struggles to rest on vacation, it takes someone else instructing me to be still before I’ll actually do it.  And it is such a practice.


My favorite things about class in general:

  1. It’s disciplined.  It’s a practice.  There’s measurable improvement–or not.
  2. You have no choice but to be present.  You’ll fall over if you aren’t.
  3. It’s a physical-mental pairing.  It’s the two working in tandem, when so often I find mine work in opposition of one another.
  4. It’s give and take.  It’s allowing someone to teach you.  It’s being vulnerable.  It’s putting forth effort.
  5. If it’s a good one: there’s almost a story to it.  There’s rising action, climax, denoument, and a coda for stillness.


At any rate, if you come across an opportunity to take a BodyFlow class, I highly recommend it.  It’s such a gift of a presence check-in.  Get into it.


As always, be good to you today, challengers.



Captain Kat




Captain Kat is a personal trainer based in New York City and the founder of the Better Body Challenge.  LesMills didn’t pay for or ask Captain Kat to review BodyFlow–she just loved the class so much that she had to write about it!  The beauty of Captain Kat Fitness and the Better Body Challenge is that they can work in tandem with just about any fitness class or product.  The whole point is simply to be active and eliminate obstacles in the way of daily achieving a better body!  Want Kat to try out your class or product?  Shoot her a line at