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The Super Mario Brothers of Fitness Programs

I invite you to think of the Better Body Challenge as an Accelerator towards achieving sustainable change–and, in turn, your better body–every single day.  Do I want you to only do my workouts while you’re a Challenger?  Only if that’s what you want!  Do you have a favorite dance, yoga, zumba, bodypump, kettlebell, jillian michaels, fitness blender class that you LOVE?  DO IT.  Do you want me to prescribe your workout schedule every day?  No problem.  It works either way; The whole point of this program is to eliminate obstacles in the way of your fitness goals.  There are so many ways to get there, so we’re going to find out what works and is fun for you.


Let’s talk about this in N64 terms.  You’re Mario.


You are a) ADORABLE b) eager to change.  Fortunately, with Captain Kat’s Better Body Challenge (henceforth referred to as “CKBBC”) you have ample tools in your arsenal.

First, you have your “why.”  On day 1 of the Challenge, I invite my challengers to post a selfie introducing themselves to the group and sharing their “why.”  To watch a very smart man explain the psychology of “why,” click this.  Otherwise, take my word for it and read on.  “Wanting to be healthy” or “wanting to be skinny” ARE NOT SPECIFIC WHYS.  When you are tired, sore, and lacking enthusiasm to workout before work in the AM, these whys will not pull you through.  “I want to make my ex pissed at how fabulous I look,”  “I want to have arms like Michelle Obama,” and “I want visible abs in a bikini” are excellent “whys.”


Remember these fierce little dudes?  These are your power ups.  When you’ve powered up and a baddie knocks you down, you stay up because you had extra powers.  That’s what your “why” does.


Secondly, you have a map.


Some days you don’t want to go to yoga class.  Some days you walk into the gym and think “I don’t even know where to begin.  Treadmill, I guess..?”  Some days you want to work out at home.  CKBBC eliminates the excuses and–even better–the wasted time so that you can maximize your workout time.  Thanks to a daily workout schedule (that you can move around as needed), workout videos to explain each movement, and constant access to Captain Kat, you don’t ever need to feel lost or bored at the gym.

Speaking of the Captain–she is/I serve as THIS:


Ask a question, tell me your troubles, stress out to me about foods, celebrate your suggestions, AND I GIVE YOU COINS!!!

…just kidding.  I don’t give you coins. But I do give you knowledge bombs, a high five, a kick in the pants when necessary.  I give you a daily pep talk every morning at 7am eastern time to start your day with some body mindfulness and positivity.  I share recipes, workout hacks, and my favorite athletic wear.  I’ve been known to give challengers quest bars just for their feedback on the program.  I am your biggest cheerleader.  I want you to succeed.  Sure–it’s my business.  When you succeed, it means the service works.  But more importantly, I legitimately care about your experience.  Fun fact: I’m still in the phase of this business where I am losing money and a TON of time to run it.  I’m not doing this for the big bucks; It’s a passion project.  Let’s achieve the body of your dreams–okurr?



You know that pal who will, you know, occasionally take class or go to the gym with you?  And some day you’ll feel kinda inspired to go but you bail when your buddy doesn’t join you.  BYE FELICIA.  CKBBC has a whole GANG of ladies ready to support you.  Post that stress on the facebook page and you’ll get likes, comments, AND BETTER YET real live people caring about your success.  I cannot impress the importance of this factor of the program enough.  The private facebook community is GIANT.



You have to achieve levels to win the world.  There’s a lot of flag-jumping to be done before you get the big wins.  This is real life.  You know what isn’t real life?  Violently restricting your diet for a small period of time, dehydrating yourself, hurting your joints overdoing it at the gym.  We want sustainable change.  We want something you will be excited to do.  We want to see accelerated, real, sustainable results.  We want ALL da flags and ALL da castles.

BOTTOM LINE:  This program makes it as easy as humanly possible to commit to your health.  Obstacles are removed, rewards are in store.  Don’t stand in the way of yourself, and I guarantee you will find success and results in the Challenge.

I’m so gosh darn excited to start February I could burst.  Today is the LAST day to register, so if you’ve been waiting–this is the final opportunity.



Captain Kat