A Word About April (Pricing)



There are BIG some changes happening to Captain Kat Fitness and the way I’m running the program money-wise.  The Better Body Challenge, my great love and passion project, will once again be Pay-What-You-Can for the month of April. Anyone who wants to has access to the Monthly and Weekly workouts up on www.captainkatfitness.com/april OR at my workout library up on Pinterest. New workouts/a full workout calendar posted weekly.  Pin them, try them, live your life. If you want the complete program: access to the daily emails (fresh content every single month including recipes, morning meditations, fitspo, fitness/nutrition hacks), the access to ask-a-personal-trainer, the private Facebook community of Challengers (like you) pursuing the same workouts, and workout explainer videos for every single workout, it is PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN for the full month. You can donate $5 or $500 and I will love you and happily provide EVERY ounce of support I can towards your health and fitness endeavors.  The Better Body Challenge is time consuming but something I LOVE doing, and the donations are what help me pay for web hosting, design, materials, and any Facebook ads that I run in the hopes of broadening the Better Body community beyond my beautiful friends.  The bigger it is, the better it can be. Please help me by sharing this project with anyone you know who may benefit.


xoxo and spread the love,

Captain Kat


A Letter to My March Challengers (And sneak peek for everyone else)


My beautiful, stunning challengers:

WELCOME TO THE MARCH BETTER BODY CHALLENGE!  I am so excited about this fresh new group of ladies committed to bettering their bodies over the next (at least) 30 days.  (NOTE: This email is much longer than the normal daily emails, but is the ONE email you MUST read before we begin.

Here’s what the Better Body Challenge IS about:

1. SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.  First and foremost, we’re going to make sure you’re endowed with the tools and education you need to make sustainable change in your life.  Why do diets fail? Because you’re overhauling your diet for a temporary period of time and are willing to go to extreme lengths to get there. Will you lose a couple pounds? Probably. Will you keep it off for good? Unlikely. This group is for eliminating every possible obstacle that keeps you from achieving health and happiness physically—that means getting more sleep, drinking more water, educating yourself about what nutrients go into your body, and how to use your body maximally when you work out.  This is literally about improving your quality of life.  Will it take some brainpower? Yep. Will it take some patience? Yes. Will it take some hard work at the gym (or working out at home)? Yes. But you get ONE body and we want to make sure you give it the love it deserves so that, in turn, it can give you the BEST quality of life.

2. JUDGEMENT FREE.  The Facebook group is your greatest weapon.  These ladies are the best workout buddies you could have, because you can post on the wall anytime and ask me a question (Please, please, please share to the GROUP so that everyone has the benefit of learning from the response), share a recipe you’re trying for the first time, a shameless gym selfie, a gym checkin—whatever will inspire you to keep going.  USE us. We are in this together, and it is totally judgement free.  Along these lines: you will notice we have a wide array of challengers in here.  Some of these ladies are CRAZY FIT ALREADY and we love them and some of these ladies are newer to the fitness journey or returning to the fitness journey and we LOVE you too!  Everyone is running their own race and has their own goals, and we can all support one another in our separate endeavors.

3. KINDNESS.  Please, please, please be kind to yourself.  Remember how I said this isn’t just some fad diet?  If you have a rough day, it’s not just okay—it’s human.  We *all* have them.  Please be kind and patient with yourself. This doesn’t give you a free pass not to TRY, but it does mean you should hop back on that back wagon without self-loathing if you slip.

Components of the Challenge:

1. You will receive daily emails from me (except on Saturdays, which are your designated rest day).  Though I reiterate some of the same topics month-to-month, the material is new every. single. month.  This is not required reading, but it is meant to start your day in a mindful, intentional, healthy place in terms of physical fitness and nutrition.  They will arrive to your inbox every morning at 7AM EST.  If you miss one, nbd. They’re just an additional tool if you find starting your day with a knowledge nugget, a training story, a fitness hack, a recipe, or a stupid gym meme puts you in a rockin’ place.

2. The month-at-a-glance calendar is up on the website (www.captainkatfitness.com/march) If you need to swap some days around, plan in advance. As I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase thrown around in the fitness community: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I post the weekly breakdown of workouts in advance on the website (and typically will give you a heads up on the Facebook page).

3. The Facebook Group: turn on your notifications. We don’t post incessantly, and any and all updates arrive on that page in real time.  This is where your workout buddies are.  This is where support is key.  This is where I can answer any and all questions.  This is where recipes are shared.  Get into it.  Lastly, THIS is where the video workout quick-thrus live.  I’ll post a quick video of the daily workouts for your viewing pleasure 🙂

What You Need for the Challenge:

1. At Home Worker Outers: dumbbells (if you can get one lighter set and one heavier set, that’s ideal.)  If you want to up your game with a jump rope for cardio day, a resistance band for strength training and stretching, and a yoga mat you are welcome to get these as add-ons but they are not necessary.  If you want recs on specific brands, I’m happy to give them. Just email me at kat@kinektfitness.com or message me on Facebook.

2. Find your Nutrition Plan: the workouts and one-on-one support of the program are the biggest components of the program, but these guides provide a fair amount of info and two solid guides for navigating your nutrition over the next month.  Californians is geared towards clean eating and curbing sugar, New Yorkers is for those who like to track macros and are wanting to supplement protein-wise.

3. ENTHUSIASM.  For real, it plays a huge role.  Have faith in yourself and this process, and you will be shocked by how much you can accomplish.

LASTLY:  Tomorrow is PREP DAY.  You do NOT need to stress about tomorrow.  It is the day to figure out your Nutrition Type, introduce yourself to the group on the Facebook page, take a look at the workouts for the week and get your ducks in a row.

THANK YOU FOR BEARING WITH THIS EMAIL.  If you got to the end, please respond with a “got it!” so that I know you’re receiving the emails and got all the info 🙂

You are STARS and I can’t wait to get this March Party started.


an abnormally verbose Captain Kat