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Hey girl. I get it. Working out in the midst of a BUSY schedule is hard!

I’ve tested a giant variety of dry shampoos, don’t-run-off beauty products, and here are Captain Kat’s tried and true faves:

Pro Tip: All the images are links to the products on Amazon, for your convenience <3

Dry Shampoo: what was my life without you?

I’ve tried 8-10 various kinds, but hands down these two brands are my fave (and I’m happy to alternate between the two):

Living Proof

Smells great; works like a charm.


love these. Bonus: they have different tinted colors for various hair colors. Back in my brunette days, this was a godsend, since the white powdery dry shampoo could occasionally look not-so-great in my dark roots. The “Tropical,” however, smells like a dream and is my current favorite variety!

Elizabeth Mott Tints and Sass

This is the most amazing minimal amount of color to throw on, plus it’s a stain, which means it’s pretty workout friendly! (And stays on once you’ve mopped off your beautiful sweaty face.) I use it for both lips and cheeks, and in the event that you aren’t feeling this shade–she has several!

Elizabeth Mott’s It’s So Big Mascara

Favorite. Mascara. Ever.

It coats your lashes but doesn’t stay attached to them when you wash your face (so no need to pull out lashes when you’re rinsing your face or taking off your makeup!) Likewise: SUPER workout friendly–never runs. Love love love this stuff.

BB Cream: Skin Super Beblesh Balm

We’re getting more and more into our BB Cream here in the States, but I first fell in love with this stuff when I was living in Japan. It’s sunscreen + moisturizer + tinted blemish cream all in one. Light enough that I can still see my freckles, but fierce enough that it takes care of redness. Amazing for days when you don’t want to cake on makeup (which, for me, is most days 🙂 Obviously not a one-size-fits-all in terms of people’s coloring, but they do have different shades/colors (I think this brand has just this and one other since they were initially created for Asian skin tones…which somehow work fine with mine :), but other beauty companies are coming out with more.)

Burt’s Bees Cucumber Wipes

There’s obviously no substitute for a shower, but in a pinch: these are amazing. Wipe down ya face, body, whatever. They smell great, and leave you smelling considerably better, too. Fantastic on-the-go.

That’s it! Kat’s fave post-workout beauty fixes. Trust me, I’ve tried A LOT of products, and these are my all-time winners. Rock on, and let me know what stuff you love on our Facebook Page!