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The Surprising Benefits of Beach Running

Sometimes, a girl just needs some sunshine.Well, to be perfectly honest: for this girl, that’s pretty much all the time. I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Texas, I was born in the summer, or my freckles are just hungry for sunlight, but I am enamored of warm weather and sunshine. I know this […]

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In Praise of the Attainable

Attainable results don’t get enough love. In 2016, we remain positively drunk on unattainable beauty, unattainable physiques. Can’t we move on? From the Shmardashians, the Barbie bodies, the Housewives? I’m not just bored by it, I’m down right annoyed. Frustrated. Far beyond ‘over it.’ This ‘beauty’ is bought. It’s artificial. And these women–in all likelihood–aren’t […]

Captain Kat Pricing

JUNE REGISTRATION OPENS FRIDAY, MAY 20th. Know you want to reserve your spot or have questions about the program? Email me at kat@kinektfitness.com.

So, you’ve got this opportunity…

Hi, friend. I see you’ve got a fresh new entrepreneurial endeavor. Or perhaps you’re dusting off a neglected entrepreneurial dream. That’s awesome! I love entrepreneurs! I am all about the hustle, the struggle, the mayhem of freelance life, the uncertainty, the passion and the drive it takes to create a business for yourself. This career […]

Is May Pay What You Can?

Oh, heck yes it is. HOWEVER, this is the final month that it will be! As we get into full-blown summer, I still want to ensure every person who is ready to commit to their better body has the opportunity. Unfortunately, PWYC isn’t sustainable for CKF in the long run. TRUST ME–there will be affordable plans […]

A Word About April (Pricing)

  There are BIG some changes happening to Captain Kat Fitness and the way I’m running the program money-wise.  The Better Body Challenge, my great love and passion project, will once again be Pay-What-You-Can for the month of April. Anyone who wants to has access to the Monthly and Weekly workouts up on www.captainkatfitness.com/april OR […]