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The Surprising Benefits of Beach Running

Sometimes, a girl just needs some sunshine.img_1264Well, to be perfectly honest: for this girl, that’s pretty much all the time. I don’t know if it’s because I’m from Texas, I was born in the summer, or my freckles are just hungry for sunlight, but I am enamored of warm weather and sunshine. I know this partially has to do with the fact that I need at least an hour of outdoor activity to function at my best. Humans aren’t meant to stay indoors all the time! Spending time in parks, going for long walks, and…running (ding ding ding!) are my favorite outdoor activities.

I have not always enjoyed running. In fact, I used to hate it. I’m vertically challenged (read: short) and my little legs have to work extra hard to get farther distances. Middle school and high school gym class were my worst nightmare; an athletic child I was not.

Then: I got a job working in Japan. As a singer. A country western singer. Belting up and down stairs and running around the theater like a mad woman. Having been a dancer for most of my life, this felt like a gargantuan feat; I needed breath control. I’ve known singers over the years who have belted entire scores while running on the treadmill to prepare for more athletic roles, so I followed suit. I had done Couch to 5K the summer prior (on recommendation; then I ran a 5K and didn’t totally hate it) so I wasn’t starting from scratch, but I was still VERY new to running.

Kat in a former life, belting country western songs at Tokyo Disneyland.

Kat in a former life, belting country western songs at Tokyo Disneyland.

Running became training for the show, but also a means of getting to know my new neighborhood in Tokyo. I ran along the seawall of the Pacific Ocean, to the grocery store (and walked back, obviously), and throughout the streets of Tokyo. Running became interesting, meditative, and once my muscles had adjusted to the movement, I started to crave it. I have a hard time staying present, and running forces you to stay in the moment. It’s explorative. It’s adventuring. It’s a built-in me-party with awesome health benefits. Suddenly and bizarrely: I began to love it.

Fast forward through a 10K and half marathon later, and I got a job on a tour. I was living life on a bus (hours and hours a day) and desperately needed to move my body. Lunch break? Go for a run. Early morning bus call? Run before we leave. I ran in dozens of states, in all kinds of weather. Now, it’s safe to say: I love running.

But nowhere do I love running more than on the beach. After tour, the job had a sit-down (stayed put) in Florida. I began running barefoot on the beach. This sounds like a breezy cliché. It is definitely a cliché, but let me assure you: it is not a breeze. Beach running is HARD.


BUT It is joyous and an excellent workout because:

  1. Sunshine
  2. Water
  3. Did you know your body exercises on average 1.6X harder on a beach run than a standard run on pavement or a treadmill?
  4. You’re doing resistance training as well as cardiovascular training.
  5. You’re using a whole new set of stabilizing muscles to anchor your ankles and feet as you run on uneven surface.
  6. Free pedicure
  7. Jumping in the ocean after a workout? I mean: come on.
  8. Did I mention sunshine?
Sweaty Katharine looking at the wrong camera, per usual.

Beach run blissed out sweaty Katharine looking at the wrong camera, per usual.

Basically, it’s great bang for your buck. If you find yourself near a beach (winter escape, anyone?) in the coming weeks, lather up your SPF 70, grab your sturdiest swim top (the one I’m wearing here is specifically for water sports and it’s amazing!), take off your shoes, and hit the beach! You may not run your normal speed, but I promise it’s worth the extra effort.

I love how many Challengers have come to love running over the past year–truly, it’s amazing. I’m such an advocate of the meditative and cardiovascular benefits. Here’s one more running challenge to add to the list 🙂

Have a beautiful weekend, Challengers! Cheers from Cancun!

Captain Kat

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In Praise of the Attainable

Attainable results don’t get enough love. In 2016, we remain positively drunk on unattainable beauty, unattainable physiques. Can’t we move on? From the Shmardashians, the Barbie bodies, the Housewives?


I’m not just bored by it, I’m down right annoyed. Frustrated. Far beyond ‘over it.’ This ‘beauty’ is bought. It’s artificial. And these women–in all likelihood–aren’t healthy, as in inside out, physically at their best.

But who cares? For most of the world, it’s unattainable. And isn’t that what makes it so attractive?

Food and fitness and body image are so deeply intertwined with feelings of self-worth, control, confidence, and emotion. And when you don’t see or believe in other viable solutions, the instinct is to starve yourself, or go nuts in the gym and restrict your diet, or do a juice cleanse, or drink mostly protein shakes for a few days/weeks/months, only to yo-yo back (in all likelihood) to a worse place than you were before.

I’ve watched friends and colleagues do all of these things. Heck, I did these things. And it crushed my spirit and weakened my body–and my will. I either had total control or absolutely no control whatsoever; moderation didn’t exist. Why is there such a lack of education about all of this? I’m sure it’s altered drastically in the last 10 years, but guys…the food pyramid? My health classes growing up? They were such a joke. My teachers meant well, I’m sure, and in fact they probably didn’t have the extent of wellness knowledge that’s available today, but so much time was wasted that could have addressed rampant eating disorder issues in my school. But what alternative did we know of when we had chicken fingers or the world’s least palatable lettuce for lunch, artificially constructed women on TV, and our bodies were morphing from gangly girl bodies into woman bodies? Fitness buffs seemed too bulky and Ninja-Turtley for my idea of a dream physique. So, restriction was the name of the game. It was miserable.

It doesn't have to be all or nothing.

It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You don’t have to go nuts in the gym one week and feel hopeless when you don’t see results the next. Physical fitness and wellness aren’t quick fixes–they are life-long journeys, like bettering your mind or aspiring to a new phase of your career or practicing the piano. Nurturing and treating and listening to and motivating your body are practices that should be attended to throughout your life.  The good news? Once you establish healthful habits, it’s much harder to break them than keep them–truly. They become no-brainers. And better yet: you have the knowledge to know why you’re doing what you’re doing.

Over the past 6 months, my Challengers have messaged me pictures of improved physiques, clothes that once fit now being too large, new muscles they never had previously. My favorite messages to receive? “Kat, I had a cheat meal last night, but I didn’t feel out of control and I’m not beating myself up about it today.” Do you know how epic this is? This is the secret sauce. This is the ultimate triumph on the journey to reconciling your aspirations, your own self worth, and your body.

My Challengers aren’t wrecking their bodies or restricting copious amounts and varieties of food. They’re learning. They’re pushing themselves daily. They’re committing to their bodies, their well-being, their self worth, their time, their quality of life.

Captain Kat Fitness is a culmination of what I’ve learned from

a) recovering from 10 years of eating disorders

b) recovering from a lack of confidence and sense of control

c) crawling out of that black hole and voraciously reading and learning and researching everything about nutrition and physical fitness

d) cautiously, then excitedly, then passionately discovering my strength in the gym

e) falling in love with running and outdoor exercise (went from a Couch to 5K program to running a half marathon)

f) maintaining the physique I wanted and continuing to improve it over a span of 5 years

g) pursuing my personal training certification

h) creating and constantly re-creating and updating the Better Body Challenge to share what I’ve learned (nutritionally, physically, wellness-wise) and what has enabled a sense of control, excitement and passion, and confidence in my life.


I believe in this stuff at my core. I am a full-blown wellness evangelist and all I want is to break as many women from the imprisonment of their own self-deprication into confidence and strength. It’s why I became a personal trainer, why I sent out 200 daily motivational emails over the past 6.5 months to my challengers, why I’m happy to answer any and all questions at any time, why I accept and believe in any client regardless of age or physical ability. I recognize that goals look different for each of you, and I’ve done my best to promote that in CKF. Maybe the Better Body Challenge isn’t your jam, and that’s cool. But if you might indulge me for just a second of genuinely-felt woowoo goodness: where do you stand with your confidence, self satisfaction? Are you giving yourself at least 30 minutes a day that are strictly your own–where you’re doing something just for you? For your well being and sanity? To improve your quality of life? If the BBC isn’t for you or you’ve already found your solution, that’s rockin’. If not, make sure you’re giving yourself permission to get a little selfish for at least a few minutes every day. Be good to you, your body, and your life, lady. After all, it’s the only one you’ve got.


Dump the unattainable. Pursue the attainable.


Captain Kat


Captain Kat is the creator of the Better Body Challenge, a monthly fitness program with 20 minute video workouts for in home or at-gym workouts, daily motivational emails, a private Facebook community, nutritional guides, and 24/7 access to a personal trainer (Captain Kat). For any questions, email kat@kinektfitness.com To register, click the link above or visit www.captainkatfitness.com/register

CKF = Attainable, Sustainable Results


Captain Kat Pricing


Know you want to reserve your spot or have questions about the program? Email me at kat@kinektfitness.com.


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So, you've got this opportunity...

So, you’ve got this opportunity…

So, you've got this opportunity...

Hi, friend.

I see you’ve got a fresh new entrepreneurial endeavor. Or perhaps you’re dusting off a neglected entrepreneurial dream. That’s awesome! I love entrepreneurs! I am all about the hustle, the struggle, the mayhem of freelance life, the uncertainty, the passion and the drive it takes to create a business for yourself. This career path is unstable yet enthralling. Unless you’ve just left the corporate world or a particularly lucrative industry, it oftentimes means dreams of digital nomadry coupled with the stark reality of working dayjobs, freelancing, and building your dream projects all at once. Sleep is hardly a thing. You’re usually forgetting something. You have multiple mobile and desk calendars, email accounts, websites you’re managing, social media accounts galore (because, hey, they’re work, too!), 12 unfinished Udemy classes, freelance projects with dangerously imminent due dates, the maximum number of tabs on your web browser looking up classesfinanceslinkedinsocialmediatoolsyoucatchmydrift. BUT THEY CAN’T STOP YOU BECAUSE YOU’VE GOT DREAMS OF BETTERING THE WORLD SO YOU FORGE ON ANYWAY. Pal, I get it. It’s hard, valuable work that probably hasn’t manifested tangible benefits yet. Dreams cost time, energy, and money. Borderline-stupid blind faith and bucket loads of grit are prerequisites for the job.

Exactly one year ago, I, like you, decided it was time to start mapping out a life pivot–something potentially more sustainable than actor life (and now we can all have a solid chuckle over the thought that startup life is the sustainable alternative). Friend, I love performing, but it is the hunger games and the odds aren’t ever in your favor–especially in 2016 for a 5’5” brunette freckled athletic white girl. And, frankly, I’m finding equal (and sometimes greater) passion in the excitement of this new field of creation and innovation. I inundated myself in tech/startup/entrepreneurial podcasts. I read the mandatory canon of you-can-do-it-kid self-starter motivational business books. I took a post-grad Entrepreneurship course. I got my long-sought-after Personal Training Certification. Realizing that I could marry my fitness/wellness/positive body image evangelism with my affinity for technology/design felt like booking the best theatrical gig ever. What doesn’t accompany certificates and courses and ideas is a built-in community, and part of my mission recently has been to find mine in this new field. Friend, I totally get that the DIY nature of this create-your-own-adventure self-built business can be lonely–particularly as the new kid in town.

Therefore, friend, I am so stoked when you tell me you want to talk about your new entrepreneurial venture! How flattering for you to share that you’ve been following my journey and you’ve been thinking of me lately! I truly cannot wait to get into the nitty gritty of where you are in the process, what you’ve altered already, if you have a co-founder, the cool meetups and hackathons you’ve been attending. When this expectation meets reality–like when my bosslady friend Juliana (who is creating the coolest healthy body image content and is also a superstar personal trainer at Equinox) and I got coffee to discuss health, fitness, entrepreneurship, body image, and a means of spreading well being–my girlboss optimism shoots into oblivion and I am full of joy. But when my expectation of dreamsharing and bootstrap empathy turns into you a) selling me a product b) saying I’m the perfect person to also sell the product c) saying even if I don’t want to sell it, I should totally use it…friend, I get you’re just trying to do business, but–can I be honest?–I get a little disappointed. I am not the girl for this.

Your product very well may be awesome. Truly.  There are a lot of stellar products out there and then there are some not-so-great-ones. But here’s what’s up: my friends who do what you’re starting to do effectively let the audience come to them. The first 4 months of the Better Body Challenge, I unleashed a social media you-know-what-storm before the launch of each month. My poor friends were assaulted by my entrepreneurial dreams. And yeah, I get it: Facebook is voluntary and no one is asking you to look at it. And it is important to establish yourself in your new industry publicly because community and networking are real and helpful things, but there’s an artform to public sharing. By all means, learn from my mistakes.

Here’s what goes down well (at least in millennial-land) on Facebook:

  1. Candid(ish), personal(ish) check-ins with what you’re up to
  2. Genuine questions to the Facebook hive-mind asking if anyone knows someone who has _____ skill or a class they could take in ______ city in a certain field
  3. Paid advertisement (because then your friends are more likely delighted to see you, their friend, in an ad that has been paid for as opposed to whatever other ads Facebook selected for them based on a rarely cleaned out browser feed. BONUS: your friends won’t feel assaulted by your personal facebook account spamming them for free with your fresh new business they probably don’t care about)
  4. Puppy pictures

Here’s what does not go down well on Facebook:

  1. Assaulting your friends with your business (don’t be me in the first 4 months of this, essentially). My friends who beautifully and successfully sell products online? They talk about the product occasionally, how much they love it, and do so in a personal, non-pushy way. They post pictures and engaging content that’s not blatantly pushing for a sell.
  2. Ignoring the ‘no.’ When pitched, and I politely share that I a) don’t have time for more projects and b) intentionally stay away from other people’s products largely to avoid any potential conflicts of interest, please don’t tell me to use your products anyway.
  3. Politics

Lastly, friend, the reason I created my own product/program was because a) it’s a way for me to train clients remotely b) because I believe in it wholeheartedly.  I built CKF from the ground up with the knowledge I’ve learned from my training, personal experience, and feedback from clients. It has already gone through countless iterations and updates in the 6 months it’s been up and running. CKF is my baby, my brainchild, my passion project, and I have full authority to enhance my programs as I learn more about the best training methods, to alter my nutritional guides as I study further about food, to continue to find the best tools to deliver the content and material to my Challengers. I’m a crummy salesman. I aspire to be a great entrepreneur. And one career is not innately better than the other, but one happens to be an accurate descriptor of what I aspire to, and the other isn’t.

That said, if you have a product you’ve built, a program you’ve spearheaded, or an idea that you think could work in tandem with CKF, I’d love to talk about the potential of collaborating.  There’s little I enjoy more than collaborating with likeminded, similarly motivated individuals who are eager to make stuff happen.

Friend, I genuinely wish you all the best on your journey. I hope you have a product you love that doesn’t feel like a business transaction when you share it with people. I hope it affords you the life you want, because you, too, are craving a life-pivot for a reason. Just know that while I value your journey, I’m probably not your ideal salesgirl. If you happen to find yourself creating your own stuff on the side or in lieu of this endeavor, I truly can’t wait to hear about your entrepreneurial journey and cheerlead you on your way.


Katharine / Captain Kat


Is May Pay What You Can?

Oh, heck yes it is.

HOWEVER, this is the final month that it will be! As we get into full-blown summer, I still want to ensure every person who is ready to commit to their better body has the opportunity. Unfortunately, PWYC isn’t sustainable for CKF in the long run. TRUST ME–there will be affordable plans for all kinds of budgets come June–the program is undergoing a huge revamp.

So enjoy another deeply discounted month of daily workout videos, nutrition guides, 24/7 access to a personal trainer, and a great big beautiful community of fiercely motivated ladies.



A Word About April (Pricing)



There are BIG some changes happening to Captain Kat Fitness and the way I’m running the program money-wise.  The Better Body Challenge, my great love and passion project, will once again be Pay-What-You-Can for the month of April. Anyone who wants to has access to the Monthly and Weekly workouts up on www.captainkatfitness.com/april OR at my workout library up on Pinterest. New workouts/a full workout calendar posted weekly.  Pin them, try them, live your life. If you want the complete program: access to the daily emails (fresh content every single month including recipes, morning meditations, fitspo, fitness/nutrition hacks), the access to ask-a-personal-trainer, the private Facebook community of Challengers (like you) pursuing the same workouts, and workout explainer videos for every single workout, it is PAY-WHAT-YOU-CAN for the full month. You can donate $5 or $500 and I will love you and happily provide EVERY ounce of support I can towards your health and fitness endeavors.  The Better Body Challenge is time consuming but something I LOVE doing, and the donations are what help me pay for web hosting, design, materials, and any Facebook ads that I run in the hopes of broadening the Better Body community beyond my beautiful friends.  The bigger it is, the better it can be. Please help me by sharing this project with anyone you know who may benefit.


xoxo and spread the love,

Captain Kat


A Letter to My March Challengers (And sneak peek for everyone else)


My beautiful, stunning challengers:

WELCOME TO THE MARCH BETTER BODY CHALLENGE!  I am so excited about this fresh new group of ladies committed to bettering their bodies over the next (at least) 30 days.  (NOTE: This email is much longer than the normal daily emails, but is the ONE email you MUST read before we begin.

Here’s what the Better Body Challenge IS about:

1. SUSTAINABLE CHANGE.  First and foremost, we’re going to make sure you’re endowed with the tools and education you need to make sustainable change in your life.  Why do diets fail? Because you’re overhauling your diet for a temporary period of time and are willing to go to extreme lengths to get there. Will you lose a couple pounds? Probably. Will you keep it off for good? Unlikely. This group is for eliminating every possible obstacle that keeps you from achieving health and happiness physically—that means getting more sleep, drinking more water, educating yourself about what nutrients go into your body, and how to use your body maximally when you work out.  This is literally about improving your quality of life.  Will it take some brainpower? Yep. Will it take some patience? Yes. Will it take some hard work at the gym (or working out at home)? Yes. But you get ONE body and we want to make sure you give it the love it deserves so that, in turn, it can give you the BEST quality of life.

2. JUDGEMENT FREE.  The Facebook group is your greatest weapon.  These ladies are the best workout buddies you could have, because you can post on the wall anytime and ask me a question (Please, please, please share to the GROUP so that everyone has the benefit of learning from the response), share a recipe you’re trying for the first time, a shameless gym selfie, a gym checkin—whatever will inspire you to keep going.  USE us. We are in this together, and it is totally judgement free.  Along these lines: you will notice we have a wide array of challengers in here.  Some of these ladies are CRAZY FIT ALREADY and we love them and some of these ladies are newer to the fitness journey or returning to the fitness journey and we LOVE you too!  Everyone is running their own race and has their own goals, and we can all support one another in our separate endeavors.

3. KINDNESS.  Please, please, please be kind to yourself.  Remember how I said this isn’t just some fad diet?  If you have a rough day, it’s not just okay—it’s human.  We *all* have them.  Please be kind and patient with yourself. This doesn’t give you a free pass not to TRY, but it does mean you should hop back on that back wagon without self-loathing if you slip.

Components of the Challenge:

1. You will receive daily emails from me (except on Saturdays, which are your designated rest day).  Though I reiterate some of the same topics month-to-month, the material is new every. single. month.  This is not required reading, but it is meant to start your day in a mindful, intentional, healthy place in terms of physical fitness and nutrition.  They will arrive to your inbox every morning at 7AM EST.  If you miss one, nbd. They’re just an additional tool if you find starting your day with a knowledge nugget, a training story, a fitness hack, a recipe, or a stupid gym meme puts you in a rockin’ place.

2. The month-at-a-glance calendar is up on the website (www.captainkatfitness.com/march) If you need to swap some days around, plan in advance. As I’m sure you’ve heard this phrase thrown around in the fitness community: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. I post the weekly breakdown of workouts in advance on the website (and typically will give you a heads up on the Facebook page).

3. The Facebook Group: turn on your notifications. We don’t post incessantly, and any and all updates arrive on that page in real time.  This is where your workout buddies are.  This is where support is key.  This is where I can answer any and all questions.  This is where recipes are shared.  Get into it.  Lastly, THIS is where the video workout quick-thrus live.  I’ll post a quick video of the daily workouts for your viewing pleasure 🙂

What You Need for the Challenge:

1. At Home Worker Outers: dumbbells (if you can get one lighter set and one heavier set, that’s ideal.)  If you want to up your game with a jump rope for cardio day, a resistance band for strength training and stretching, and a yoga mat you are welcome to get these as add-ons but they are not necessary.  If you want recs on specific brands, I’m happy to give them. Just email me at kat@kinektfitness.com or message me on Facebook.

2. Find your Nutrition Plan: the workouts and one-on-one support of the program are the biggest components of the program, but these guides provide a fair amount of info and two solid guides for navigating your nutrition over the next month.  Californians is geared towards clean eating and curbing sugar, New Yorkers is for those who like to track macros and are wanting to supplement protein-wise.

3. ENTHUSIASM.  For real, it plays a huge role.  Have faith in yourself and this process, and you will be shocked by how much you can accomplish.

LASTLY:  Tomorrow is PREP DAY.  You do NOT need to stress about tomorrow.  It is the day to figure out your Nutrition Type, introduce yourself to the group on the Facebook page, take a look at the workouts for the week and get your ducks in a row.

THANK YOU FOR BEARING WITH THIS EMAIL.  If you got to the end, please respond with a “got it!” so that I know you’re receiving the emails and got all the info 🙂

You are STARS and I can’t wait to get this March Party started.


an abnormally verbose Captain Kat