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I’M LIKE CHUMBAWUMBA, BABY (Two steps forward, One Step Back)


Hello, from the slump.  The rut.  The terrible, horrible, no good, very bad semi-inexplicably lackluster day.  The woe-is-me semi-unfounded home of the blues.  I hate these days.  I find them to be a waste of time (usually).  Although: as I age, I find that these slumpy days have their merits.








Self centered?  Yeah, sure, a little.  I’m a millennial, I haven’t been an independent adult long enough to be sick of it yet, and I have an insatiable hunger for…well, almost everything.  For success, for learning, for food, for stretching the limits of my body, for contributing to something, for building things, for discovering, for putting myself in positions that terrify me.  But you know what I enjoy most? Sharing the journey/experience. I don’t want to just build something for myself–I want to build tools that will better the collective experience and the individual lives of those in it. I know that sounds like a load of you-know-what, but it isn’t.  I want that.


You know how people will say “it takes 10 years to become an overnight success”? No? Okay, well trust me: it’s a thing. I don’t have insane delusions of grandeur, but there are increasingly specific goals I’ve set for myself and these projects in the past year and I feel like I’m on a lifelong Wipeout game where hilariously dumb obstacles keep knocking me off my feet and starting the whole process again…or at least a few steps behind where I/the projects used to be.


All of this ambiguous metaphorical talk goes to say that I’m not satisfied or content with where I am right now.  I’m not happy with myself physically (yeah, I know. possibly the kiss of death for a personal trainer to admit that on her own fitness website?…I’m human, too!) or career-wise.  I’m working so hard to improve these things, but…it takes time.  So I’m practicing patience the best I can and forging ahead.


The best result of these hum-drum moments, I find, is that they usually become catalysts for change…or like a superboost in a video game. Unhappy? Unsatisfied? Disappointed? Cool. Fan that flame, baby. Work harder. Work better. Work faster. I’m like ChumbaWumba, baby. I get knocked down BUT I GET UP AGAIN.


As a bit of accountability, here’s where I stand and here’s what March is (working towards) changing:

  1. My body: living out of a hotel and doing a decidedly un-physical show during the winter time has been difficult. Spending many, many hours trying to build businesses on my laptop has been difficult. Hilariously and depressingly ironic to lose some physique while you build a fitness business, but it’s a real thing. So here’s what’s up: I am 100% all-in with you challengers in March.  I have ambitious fat loss goals I’m pursuing this month.  I have strength training goals I’m pursuing this month. I’m going to give you all some one-up challenges for a little extra boost, if you’re really wanting to get into the nitty gritty of fat loss and muscle gain.  Let’s do this.
  2. CaptainKatFitness: I am as in love with this project as I was 4 months ago.  Change (namely sustainable change) takes time–we know this.  So I don’t have hundreds of members.  So I’m not making a profit. It’s okay. We are building something, you and me. And it is so, so special. And I have no doubt that it’s worth the time and energy. I freaking love you guys. And, shameless plug, if you want to help even more with the building of this passion project, get a friend on board.  They can literally pay a dollar for a full month next month.  Or $5 if they want to forgo a frappuccino next month.  Trust me: the effects of the Better Body Challenge will be better and last longer than that $5 coffee.  www.captainkatfitness.com/register (or just click ‘register’ above)
  3. Kinekt, the App: My first fitness baby, Kinekt, is still living in limbo and effectively has been since late summer. Kat’s going to need some more capital to fund the development.  But I still believe in it, love it, and (in time) will produce it.  The work is there, and maybe someday a Kickstarter or Crowdfund of some kind will help launch it out of limbo, but for now…this one’s waiting on the sidelines.
  4. Unannounced Project That I love But Can’t Announce Yet: I’m so stoked about this one. It’s bubbling and brewing and going to be so neat and wonderful. It needs a lot of love and work before I can officially share it with you all, but ladies (and gents–oh HEY dudes! this project is for you, too!) I really think it’s going to be awesome (AND FREE) and well worth the effort and I can’t wait to share it with you all.

So what have we learned in this little check in? Big projects are freaking hard work. Hard work takes time. Starting a new career is challenging and exhausting. Building that career is even moreso. But are these projects still worth the time, effort, and money? Absolutely. I believe in them…and I hope you will, too.  And thanks for following (and supporting) the journey.  It means the world.



Captain Kat


If you have some spare change to contribute towards the journey and help keep CKF running (or even want to contribute to Kinekt), there’s a button below.  If now’s not the time, no problem.  Happy to have you along for the journey and thanks for reading.

Accepting Pants and Choosing Happiness #30daysofhappy

I am highly susceptible to the winter doldrums.  As a native Texan, I’m allergic to cold weather/snow/ice/pants.  It’s important for me to be wearing shorts/a dress/leggings 100% of the time.  I’m a product of gradeschool uniforms, and having grown up in school skirts, pants feel like leg-prison.  They are such a hindrance.  I’m only half kidding.

At any rate–I usually hit a point–late January/February, typically–where I am the most unbearable grouch.  The buzzworthy Oscar films have already been released, there isn’t a sunny music single in sight, and being outside can physically hurt at times. Waking up is more of a challenge.  Basic tasks become more difficult.  And listen: I am well aware that these are not real problems.  All I’m saying is that seasonal affective disorder is a real thing and this Texan girl needs sunshine.  Which is why a) I’m going to Orlando next month–for 36 hours–just to get some sun #airfareflashsale and b) I’m doing a happiness challenge.  #30daysofhappy is ubiquitous on Instagram and while the endless posts of latte cups and selfies and the sun aren’t exactly original, if they’re genuinely improving one person’s day–and serving as a real reminder that things aren’t so bad and there’s great stuff going on even in winter–then live your lives.

Today is day 2.  What’s making me happy?  I’m glad you asked.  I’m living out of a hotel for the next couple of months and I spent 16 precious dollars on a 4 quart Hamilton Beach slow cooker.  And I am making CHILI.


Here in eastern Virginia we’re expecting well over a foot of snow tomorrow and Saturday, and that certainly merits some chili-making.  I braved the zoo that was the grocery store (the state of Virginia is prepping for the kind of snow the state rarely sees), picked up the ingredients for my uncle’s famous chili, and my turkey has just finished browning as I type this.  I am so excited!  I truly feel joyful–nay, happy! about it.

So here’s to 28 more days of begrudgingly sporting pants and enthusiastically sporting a positive attitude.


Captain Kat

Don’t Become a Passenger in Your Own Life

What do you want out of this week?

Particularly at this cold time of year, motivation is a fickle mistress.  It’s easy to let life just happen instead of you happening to your life.  Does that make sense?  Don’t be a passenger in your own life.  Unhappy with a situation?  Change it.  Can’t change it?  Ask yourself if it will still be a problem in 6 months.  If it isn’t, remind yourself it’s temporary.  If it will still be a problem, start taking actionable steps to fix it, if you can.

Sometimes things happen that are 100% out of control, and that’s just life.  But oftentimes, we become victims to our own lives when we should be come the heroes.

Get out there and do it, challengers.

Captain Kat