Captain Kat is a certified NYC based, certified Personal Trainer, founder of Captain Kat Fitness, and the creator of the Better Body Challenge: an effective, obstacle-free fitness program for busy women.

A note from the Captain:

Hey, ladies! My name is Katharine — aka “Captain Kat” — and my goal is to make high quality fitness and nutrition information/programming as accessible as possible. Everyone’s coming from a different place, but the need to take care of your body is essential. I was once a prisoner to restricting my diet and feeling miserable and out of control. After a pivotal moment in my life, I started educating myself (*really* educating myself, not just counting calories) about how nutrition breaks down chemically in your body and fuels your activity, and how empowering fitness could be. My relationship with food and fitness stopped being a chore and became joyful. My experience was rough, but I am so grateful for all of the parts of the journey as they a) have gotten me to where I am b) will hopefully continue to help others in the future. Whether you already have a positive relationship with food and fitness or not, I’d love to have you as a part of CKF. Feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel here, email me about setting up personal training sessions (available in New York City, Dallas, and LA) at, or learn more about the Better Body Challenge (my 25 min-a-day monthly challenge group) here. Email me for 50% off your first month 🙂


Thanks for reading, and welcome to Captain Kat Fitness! <3